Kildallin House

This house-front room box is a fanciful replica of the home where my father grew up in County Cavan, Ireland. I will do a tutorial for it, though I must admit I would not use picture frames again to create the box itself.  The top is Plexiglas with a small hole cut to allow for easy removal. The three sides of frames, joined at the edges, made it difficult to photograph and does obscure the view a bit. The thick walls are made of thick Styrofoam, easily sanded to create depth, and the “rounded” look of old plastered houses.

Catherine’s House


This is such a simple kit to make. I made it for a new baby, so left the interior basic, no furniture, yet a little bit of interest with mantle pieces, wallpaper and carpet. The exterior was just fun to dress up! I hoped my niece could use it to store seldom used items, up on a shelf, until her little girl, Catherine, was big enough to play with it.

Mary’s Florist Shop

I made this for my sister Mary. It’s a Canadian kit found on ebay. It’s easy, and creative. The tulips on the front sign and transom window were from the scrapbooking section that used to be in Walmart. They sold plastic cards of pretty decorations, foam backed for 3-D effect. Collecting an astronomical amount of “bits” is essential, what you see once can be gone later, so grab it quick.

Corner Antique Shop

Antique shoppe 020Antique shoppe excellent center Antique shoppe excellent sidewalk Antique shoppe nice door

Still not quite finished. This scene I created to have a place to put many of the “irresistible” miniature objects we all pick up along the way. But most of all it was my first real experiment in color washing paper clay. The sidewalk was intriguing to see how many colors it took, cracks and drain included, to make it look as real as I could.

Pet Adoption Agency

This box is one of my favorites. It’s such a simple design and I will be listing the magazine and artist who created it. It was the cover of the magazine at the time. I’ve seen it used to create other, simple but pretty two-sided room boxes. The instructions are in the magazine, and included not only how to build with foam core, but also how to “marbleize” the floor. It was my first attempt at this and I loved it. It is easy to developed your own way of working details like brick, size of box and wall placement.



Another dream room I want to live in. Several pieces of furniture in this scene I made from kits; the bed, small chest, and the table at the end of the bed. This particular table I used birds eye from a pieces of burl. Replacing better wood in parts of furniture kits can be easy to do and one supply is wood used for veneer that is “in scale.” With sanding and a good finish it makes it look richer. The mantle piece was from a lot I bought of junk furniture but by layers of paint, a few added touches it tuned into a gem. To make “tile” around the fire place I cut scraps of heavy paper from the back of a magazine, jumbling the pictures and colors until they are unrecognizable.


Scrapbooker’s Nook


Such a quick, easy room box to make. It’s all in the details, they make it fun to both create and enjoy. The light fixture works on a battery. The window is simply overlaid on a picture of my own garden.

Bad Kitty

Naughty Kitty great close Naughty Kitty good mouseNaughty Kitty good mouse

A simple, fun scene to create. The mouse is front and center to be noticed, but the cat I used to draw the eye upwards. The plate on the wall is artist made and I’ll look in my notes for a name.