Two Irish Cottages

These quarter scale Irish cottages are made out of tea boxes. The trees are particular to Ireland. Have to say the chicken coop in back was such a joy to make out of little scraps of this and that. There is a stream next to the yellow cottage. It does not show well in photos. I’ll be offering a tutorial in making these simple scenes.

Woodland Cottage

This woodland cottage is made of several small boxes left over from aspirin or tea. It’s paper Mache that creates the magic out of these “bits and pieces,” joining them together is any shape you can dream up. It hardens beautifully, making a strong, durable structure. Coat with Paper clay and the fun begins. The bottom is an inverted frame with a hole drilled to electrify with a night light. I’ll do a “How-To” using this process.  Below is the Paper Mache as well Paper Clay beginnings.