Making a Tree


I can twist trees in the dark, this is not an accomplishment nor a guarantee of good results, ha (I get up before dawn-something to do with menopause I’m told)  The house is so peaceful as I listen to music on my earphones.  There is something about being alone in the middle of the night…no phones, no worry over what you “should” be doing, and you can’t see how much you’ve let the house go.

In a tutorial I’ll show how to use a product that keeps the tree flexible for re-shaping. The best way to learn about trees is by looking around you. When finding trees to suit my Quarter Scale Irish Cottages I looked  online for common trees that would suit the scene in an Irish setting.

The tree pictured in the wooden circle is not completed yet, but shows an old live oak tree with park bench and sidewalk in a mini version of a scene from downtown Mobile, Alabama.FinalTREE1 good2